How to Order

What we sell?
This company sell entomological specimens for study, research or private collections. We don’t sell/buy any protected species worldwide (see CITES list)

The specimens we have can be purchased through an order from this website.
The buy is by means preorders. We accept only orders with previous checking of stock.
If the stock looks on the “Insect Catalogue” like “sold out” or “Stock=0” we cannot sell that species. Please don’t insist.

Our specimens are dead, dried and A1 quality condition (unless noted otherwise).

Also all are unprepared, identified, dated and located.

Our Photographs are generic when the lenght od the species is not important. But when the lenght is important we will inform the size.

– All prices are in U.S. DOLLARS (American dollars)
– Minimum order value is US$10 + shipping fees

Discounts :

– 5% on each order over 500 $USD
– 10% on each order over US$1000.00
– 15% on each order over US$2000.00

Shipping fees ( Certified Post Service) & Package :
The shipping fees are :
1. 15 USD. For all countries by certified post service
2. EMS speed post service : US$25.00 (within 1Kg)

Payment Methods :

  • Using PayPal to make payments is very easy. You can pay via PayPal with your credit card without having to register as a member or create an account.
  • We don’t cover the 3,5% of Paypal fees for orders over 300 USD.
  • We will include a PayPal online payment link that redirects you to the website to make the payments when we e-mail you the official Pro-forma Invoice.

Western Union Money Transfer:  

Moneygram money transfer (economic and fast!!) 

The best way of payment..easy, fast ans with presence everywhere.

You can send payments with reception at the instant.

For buy our materials

  • You have to send us an online purchase order. With it we will e-mail you an official Pro-forma Invoice considering our real stock of materials.
  • We will keep your order for five days. The order will be automatically cancelled when the due date for payment expires.
  • When your payment be received, your order will be mailed using International Certified Post Service. However if you preferer we would use EMS speed post service if you pay the extra fee charges of this way. The order will be delivered to the buyer within 3~7 days.